Friday, September 24, 2010

Srs bizness

As you all know, the standard of quality for this site is very high. So high in fact, that I'm running out of dimepieces to show off since there just aren't enough women in the world who are that incredibly sexy. Therefore, so as to not run this supply dry, I'm going to have to stop posting daily and more like weekly. Otherwise we'd have to move from 10's to 9's. Sorry!


  1. google Susan Coffey, she will be enough for the blog just by her self.

  2. This is fucking Fine Ladies, not dime-pieces. Post some fucking hot chicks every day. There are so many. I probably have enough amazingly hot girls in my private collection to start a whole photobucket ripoff. And they're all girls I've fucked, too. They just keep sending me pictures and they're easy as shit to put it in. Shit is so cash.

  3. just stopping by, one blogger to another, just to let you know i enjoy your blog all the time! Keep the love coming!